• One of the smartest inventions. No more taking your eyes off the road ahead--Maxi View blind spot mirrors help you change lanes easily and safely while driving. The mirrors provide a realistic image with a 3X larger view, but don't block your existing sight lines when placed in the upper inside of the mirror.

    Dan Hughes - QVC

  • I found these mirrors to be extremely useful in several different ways. It makes it easier to see cars coming when merging on a freeway without twisting your neck to look back. I have also noticed that when backing out of a parking space the wide angle allows you to see cross traffic.

    Wayne Fogle - Amazon

  • Maxi View Mirrors are ideal and essential for every company's fleet of cars, trucks, vans or utility vehicles. Adding Maxi View Mirrors to your fleet can help reduce accidents, insurance rates, vehicle down time and employee absence rates. Also, Maxi View Mirrors will keep your most cherished asset safe; your family.


  • These mirrors are one of the largest auxiliary view mirrors I have seen and there are no discernible chromatic aberrations. With the MaxiView mirrors my riding confidence increased dramatically and I always know what is in the lanes either side. No need to move my elbows inwards and look around them by moving my head outwards.


Lifetime Warranty

All Maxi View Mirrors Include a Lifetime Warranty